my stanford story

So back in February 2015 I was minding my own business sitting at my desk and I got a phone call from a really nice lady from a contracting firm. She asked me if I would like to bid custom cabinetry for some custom houses they were building in Stanford.  Of course, I said “yes I do!” 
Well I hang up the phone and tell my dad I got a call to quote 68 custom homes for cabinets in Stanford.  He looked at me seriously and asked me how are we going to build all those cabinets ourselves?  I was thinking well, we just build them, its flippin’ Stanford!! 
So I was sent over the plans (about 500 pages worth), which is another story in itself, and I started to look at them. My dad suggested that I bid the cabinets with the one brand of pre-fab cabinets we sell called Merillat Cabinetry.  I went back to the nice lady and asked if I could bid the job with Merillat cabinets instead of custom because we just didn’t have the manpower to build 68 homes.  She said that would be great and that she liked what Merillat had to offer and that kicked off my 32 hour bidding process with me myself and I. 
………..Meanwhile Mr. Know-it-All tells me two things;
A) If I think this contracting company is going to pick me out of all the other bids that I should just keep on dreaming. 
B) They just need 10 bids and I am wasting my time.
I swear Mr. Know-it-All tells me this crap just to have me prove him wrong. 
And guess what?
I did prove him wrong.
I got the Freakin’ job!!!!!
(Mr. Know-it-All then said, “I told you to bid that job because I knew you would get it.”)
Oh, Yes I did. 
And I am so excited.  I get to put cabinetry in homes for Stanford faculty in Stanford, California!!!I am so grateful and this is going to be the most exciting learning experience ever!
And of course I am going to share about all my learning experiences on this job.
much love to you all for reading my crazy posts!
your custom cabinet girl 

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