the chew

Well I am up to more shenanigans, and this time might have worked……..
Strategically, I have been trying to find professionals that I can connect with on LinkedIn that I might be able to do work for or with.  I found a really good one just before New Years! 
This wonderful person, has a very important role at “the chew” on ABC and I thought I would ask if she wanted to connect…………and she did!!  And then I was bold enough to ask a favor, (and I say Bold because this is Bold to me),  to ask if I could give her some cutting boards for the cohosts to try out.  She answered my email! Yes she did people!  She answered it and her answer was, “yes, please send me your boards and the cohosts will have access to them and be able to try them out and possibly…….maybe possibly, they could use them on the show!
I thought I would make up 4 boards special for the show and then engrave them with “the chew” logo and hopefully they will be used and noticed.  Here I am with them……….
And here they are on the table……
I am so thankful for the opportunity for the cohosts to
use our boards and see how they like them, also, they might want to talk to me about my shenanigans that I pull on a regular basis………hint hint……
your custom cabinet girl

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