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Strategic marketing.  Its a fancy couple of words for saying I plan out my marketing strategy.  And for this girl who usually gets in there and tries to figure stuff out on her own, it means I have to set up a plan.  I can’t just fly by the seat of my pants on this one. 
Dad is always telling me to make a list of to dos, check it off, stay on task.  I struggle with staying on task constantly because my mind wanders.  When I am working on a quote and someone calls and wants to talk about their cabinet project, or someone drops by to take a look at our work in the shop, and before you know it your day is gone and you didn’t finish the first thing you were working on in the first place.  I love wearing the different hats and I hate wearing the different hats because sometimes I feel like it makes me so unfocused that I can’t get anything done. 
So now I am going to try to focus as best as I can because in reality I really really like to be organized.  I am starting with doing the same thing every morning which is posting something about what is going on at the shop my twitter page @aprilmorse and also the facebook page Weber Company.  That way I can have some type of strategic marketing going.  This is a start and I hope I can continue to be consistent and successful with it. 
I was able to get some great new photos for our website of the new cutting boards we designed and they look so great! Check on the links below if you would like to purchase one. 
Hopefully I have some more marketing strategies that I can come up with to make my process more consistent. 
will blog soon,
your custom cabinet girl
“Le Carre Petit” means the square board and you can order it here:

“Le Council Petit” means the small board and you can purchase this one here:


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  1. Wow – that was impressive and encouraging. Thanks for sharing your authoritative opinion, practical hints and a gold mine of FREE resources. I will definitely follow your updates

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