i don’t know what to say……well actually i do read my blog……

I don’t think everything is by chance but I feel God has a reason for everything. About a week ago I was looking at some HARO (Help a Reporter Out) requests and I stumbled upon one by a Forbes journalist Cheryl Snapp Conner who needed information on how you can do PR for your own small business and how it worked out.  And I thought, well I could just tell her a little about my story with my little blog. 
After I sent my response I thought nothing of it and didn’t expect a reply because I thought I wrote too much.  But you know within two hours she wrote me back and said, “you had me at hello!”  Mr. Know-it-All has never even said that to me!  So of course I jumped up out of my chair and ran out into the shop and told the first person I saw, which was Melissa who screamed along with me!!  And then dad wanted to know what we were screaming about, (because we really shouldn’t scream in the shop), and somebody better not be hurt………..blah blah blah……. and he was like oh yeah April and her shenanigans…..again….
So God’s reason for allowing me to see that particular reporters request and her response is only because of his grace on my life. That is it. I must give all glory to him who has sustained me through this “owning a business” thing and kept me close to him.  I am so grateful.
On another note, Melissa and I went to Mountain View a couple of weeks ago and sold quite a few cutting boards.  We are on to Los Altos this weekend for the Art n’ Wine Festival to sell more with a few ideas we got from the last show.  I am thankful for the wonderful people taking my card and our name Weber Company getting out there.  If you are in the area please come see us.  Otherwise you can always send me an email or call.  www.weber-co.com
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