crate & barrel update

So I had decided last month that I would only focus on one vendor each month so that my A.D.D. mind is on one vendor at a time. Mr. Know-it-All thinks my idea stinks but that is another story.  Crate & Barrel was chosen for January so i was on the task.  I learned some new things from this particular experience. 

1. When you contact a person you have to wait the appropriate amount of time before you contact them again if they refuse to email or call you back.
2. Because of #1 I have a #2 and that is, if they wait a week or two to get back to you it takes more time out of the ONE MONTH you want to get this done!!!!
3. Each buyer is different and this one only goes to a gift show in Chicago when considering who she wants to purchase from.

4. I tried to see if I could be in that gift show and its already sold out so I would have to go next year. 

5. Should I go to one gift show just because one buyer goes there????
6. She has not responded to my offer of samples even though I tried to get in to the Chicago gift show and it was already booked. 

Moving on, I am now into February already the fourth day and I have to focus on another vendor.  I like to just randomly pick one off the top of my head because that’s how organized i am so its going to be Bed Bath & Beyond.  I am also realizing that February is a short month and with that I have to get going on it. 

On another note, i have 50 chef boards to get out by the end of this week and another 50 are due in 5 weeks.  Also i will be making wine bottles for the Napa Style catalog and online store that will be due shortly.  I am really overwhelmed and would like to just take a nap but that will have to wait until I am dead.
until then,
your custom cabinet girl

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