get knocked down six times – get up seven

Mr. Know-it-All showed me this statement a week or so ago and he said it was my motto.  I love him.
The only thing I would change is I think I’ve been knocked down 100 times already and got up 101.  I just keep telling myself I love rejection!!
Well, the Indiegogo campaign ended earlier this week and we didn’t make the financial goal for trying to raise money for purchasing the epilog laser.  I really see not raising the money as a failure on my part. 
After starting the campaign I learned three things I need to change make the fundraiser successful. 
1.  Millions of followers
2.  My name to be Kim Kardashian
3.  Who am i kidding if my name was Kim Kardashian I wouldn’t have to do a fundraiser.
So after my new learning experience, that’s what we’ll call this for now……I have a new idea on how I am going to spend my time this year that has nothing to do with the Epilog Laser for right now. 
Each month I will target one retailer to sell my cutting boards to.  And at the end of the month I will report on how it went.  Hopefully it went well and and we have a new prospect we are making boards for.  If not, I will move on to focus solely on the next prospect. 
I am going to do things I don’t like to do, like call and talk to the person on the phone.  If they ask me to stand on my head I just might.  I am very focused and driven to get more of our boards out in the stratosphere.  And with more business comes additional profits I could put towards an epilog laser!!!
So……January is going to be Crate & Barrel Month. 
get knocked down six times – get up seven
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