february is a short month

Did i mention that February is a short month?  If not i just realized that its over and that we are on the 5th day of March today.  As my favorite Grandpa would say, “Holy Crap!”  I was supposed to persue, bother, antaganize, yet another vendor last month, “Bed Bath & Beyond” and well, obviously that didn’t happen. Mr. Know-it-All calls me a pest by doing this one vendor a month thing, so with that in mind, I am going to try them again this month.  This time i will actually call or something. 
In other news, i am learning how to drive the forklift……….
Thats BIG news because its a stick (and i have never driven a stick before), and its got forks on it to lift stuff (which i have never done that before either). 
And then…….monday comes along and
I had an accident where wood kicked back, hit my wrist and then my face giving me a cut on my lip which doesn’t look good and makes me feel very vain.  I keep thinking when someone is talking to me that i should just say i got in a fight or something. 
My dad keeps saying, “its not a glamorous job working in the shop” and i keep thinking, “i never thought it was…………
but i do love the smell of fresh new sawdust and the baby soft sanded cutting board. 
Life is never boring…….
your custom cabinet girl

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