Who’s coming with me to see NATE BERKUS????

I am going to see Nate and I am so excited!  He changed up his website Nate Berkus and posted the new changes on facebook so of course I went to look.  And guess what?  Never mind I am too excited I will just tell you now!  Nate is going to be in Piedmont, California on October 27th at the “Great Good Place for Books” for his new book signing and I am going to be there.  Yes I am! I am so excited to see him again.  Who wants to join me? You all know Mr. Know-it-All is going to go and so will my little mr. know-it-all replicas. 

I have a list for what I am going to do;

First:  Bring my picture of him and me and ask him to sign it.  Is that OK? Its just for me because I love him so much!

Second:  Buy his new book and have him sign that too!

Third:  Tell him how when I first saw him walk out onto the stage before the show started I was speechless.  I was so starstruck and nervous and all I could say was “hi”,  original huh? And THAT”S IT! ALL I SAID WAS HI!   I just want to apologize if I seemed a little weird or unfriendly because I was so nervous.  I never got to tell him that because we were zoomed out of the studio so quickly afterward.

Fourth:  That I love his work and if he ever needs a cabinet maker………………

I think the fourth one is really pushing it, but maybe he will remember me?? We’ll see……Stay Tuned.
your custom cabinet girl

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