the little trip that was not to be……

I am so excited for all the support and love I have received about my little trip that was not to be. 

Saturday morning I worked at the shop and was cleaning the office getting my stuff together to go to see Nate Berkus at his book signing. I even grabbed a couple of cutting boards to possibly bring as well. I had the picture of him and me I took out of the frame I had it in for him to sign.  I went home to get cleaned up to drive to Piedmont and spent waaay to much time on my hair.  Ha ha….

But it was not to be.  We left early so we could take the boys to the pumpkin patch on a stop on our way to Piedmont.  Mr. Know-it-All and my dad suggested I call the book store to find out what the plans were for the signing.  So I called and find out that the information I received earlier about the book signing was “slightly” incorrect.  The signing was actually not at the book store that was advertised but at a satellite store and you needed to purchase tickets in advance, and by the way they were SOLD OUT!!!!!!  I was so sad, disappointed, bummed, angry, grumpy, somewhat relieved from being anxious, and out right MAD AT MYSELF!!!!  How could I have not known that I needed a ticket???  There was nothing on the Nate Berkus website that explained that at all.  I am just so disappointed in myself for not knowing and not being able to go. 

On the bright side, my hair looked good for the pumpkin patch!  Picking pumpkins was never so glamorous!  On the sad side, I didn’t see Nate and his next book signing is only a plane ticket away in Miami Florida on November 17th.   

I will end this post by thanking all my wonderful friends who Always encourage me and are so genuinely excited for me!  I am sorry I don’t have a picture or a story.  But don’t you worry I will, I will…….
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