weeks progress

I went into work on Thursday knowing I had to finish up the custom entertainment center that was due on Friday and also pack up and ship the 6 chef boards due for Williams-Sonoma as well. 
I thought I would start in the wood shop and pack up the chef boards first, of course!

Well, I could have guessed that my dad would walk by and say; “I am not trying to schedule your day for you, but you should start in the finish shop first.”   I knew I should have probably started in the finish shop first, but you and I both know I have a love/hate relationship with the finish shop.   So of course I picked going into the wood shop first,  it just smells better in there………

This week was a challenge to finish out getting back on track to all the jobs we needed to complete.  I had to stain and finish a custom entertainment center my dad built  last week and I had to match to the existing oak color.The door on the very bottom is the original door and the doors on the table are the new ones I matched.  The color came out pretty close to the original. 
You really have to look at all the variations in the wood and the grain and there are so many colors in different spots.  Matching an aged stain on oak is a little tricky because it didn’t start in the color it is now.  Does that make sense?  What I mean is oak always yellows in color over the years but the darker the stain it started with the least yellow it will get. So I might find the right stain but I have to add to it by spraying on pigments with brown and yellow to get the NEW color to match the Old color.  Ok, I am so bored now and you probably are too.  Onto the results….
your custom cabinet girl

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