pursuing a new vendor……

I am now pursuing a new vendor, “The Sundance Catalog” aka Mr. Robert Redford and trying to see if we can possibly sell some more designer cutting boards to his wonderful company.
They seem to sell very “original” items and it seems our items might fit nicely. 
I sent an email maybe two months ago and read in the fine print that you probably won’t get an email back and maybe you would, no guarantees…….. Well I got the “unfortunately” letter back which means they actually looked at the email enough to send one back if you want to look on the “brighter side.”  I did get a buyer return email and they told me to send another inquiry again. 
So today was that day!  I sent this nice buyer an email with pictures immersed in the content, one of them is on the left.  Hopefully if they see the picture of the item in their face they might actually read what I wrote. 
I have learned that buyers seem to get a lot of emails and phone calls and everyone says; “look at my great product” and its not always great. 
Can you imagine disappointment after disappointment until suddenly you see something that is actually worth looking at.  So I have got to make that “something” they want to look at “my something.”  If I can do that they might want to be a carrier of my product too!
I can only hope.
your custom cabinet girl 

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