i can finally say………

After one year of sending emails with no response, a few months of negotiations, back and forth emails of no, no, maybe, and then “YES” I can finally say you are looking at the newest vendor for the Wine Enthusiast Online and Catalog!!!  Well I guess you aren’t looking at me right now, just reading my words but anyway, I am so excited it feels like the day before going to Disneyland!! 
Its been a long road but we did it!  And I definitely say “WE” because if it were not for my dad’s help, Mr. Know-it-All’s “sometimes asked for input”, my moms support, and some crying on my part (OK, OK…. lots of crying), we could not have got it done!  
Wine Enthusiast will be selling our wine bottle cutting board and the Wine Glass cutting board very soon!!
Here they are below just in case you forgot what they looked like……………
I could not be more excited today than if Mr. Know-it-All came into the shop looked into my eyes and said something so romantic…….Yea that will never happen.   Now I just have so many thoughts like, how many cutting boards I will sell in a day, or how much exposure on the Wine Enthusiasts’ website our products will be, and that is nerve wracking, exciting, and just an explosion of thoughts on what is to come! I will keep you updated on the details, but for now I must get back in the finish shop and finish my wood tops……lucky me….
your custom cabinet girl 

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