woodworking classes this week

I have some returning students from last summer that are attending the woodworking classes and that called for me to figure out some new projects to build.  And I have noticed about myself lately that I am a procrastinator and think I have all the time in the world before the classes start and then all of a sudden its 4 days before the class and I still don’t know what we are going to build. 

Here is my class of five students that are ready to get to work sanding because “drawing plans just isn’t fun” according to one kid. 

And more sanding…..
They all hate me for the sanding, but that is what most of woodworking is all about lots of sanding.
Tracing the pattern for one of the sides of the birdhouse.
 Assembling the birdhouse, my personal favorite because we get to use glue and power tools!
Here is our birdhouse! I love assembly day!  Instead of this huge pile of parts on the work bench we have assembled and made all those parts into something….Tomorrow the kids will paint or stain whichever they choose their birdhouses and start on a new project which is their own custom car.
your custom cabinet girl

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