just tell me what you want people!

Well we are building some new shaped cutting boards and these are two we have added to our selection.  I really would love your input on these.  Do you like them?  Can you tell the one on the left is a cluster of grapes?  Can you tell they are two different fruits?  Can you tell what fruit it is on the right?  Can you tell that I keep rambling on because I don’t know what else to ask?  I just really need to know if these are worth making or not.  Everything will hinge on the opinion of the one person who comments this blog!!!  Really, just tell me what you want people! 
I have been so blessed to be so busy lately that I can’t keep up with everything that is going on lately.  I have a big secret that I can’t share with you about a possible TV appearance.  Although, if you call or email me I can tell you.  I am just not allowed to post it on the internet……
Talk to you soon, and let me know what you think about the boards!
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