Pietros of Lodi

We were so glad to be able to build and finish this cabinet for the front of the beautiful Pietros Italian restaurant in Lodi, California. 
There was a lot of time into building this one and finishing it as well.  You can see that the square inserts on the outside were made for granite pieces cut especially for them.  And all of the open cubbies were tough to stain and spray laquer on because of the close quarters.  My dad makes it easy for me and leaves the back off the cabinet so I can finish it from both sides. Then I can finish the back side by itself and we can put it on afterwards.  Every time he builds a cabinet he thinks about how he can make it easy for me to be able to finish.  What a nice dad!  I had fun doing this job.  I am also going to have fun going out to dinner at Pietros and looking at it too!
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One thought on “Pietros of Lodi

  1. WOWZERS!! such a gorgeous cabinet – and how NEAT that all the people who come into Pietro's will get to see it and admire its beauty. YOU GO, GIRL!!! I am so proud of you, April. God bless you & yours. xxooxx

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