sales projections

I have never had to really look at sales projections before.  I am a simple girl who is glad when I get an order by email or a customer comes in the door asking for us to build something just for them.  But projections on how many customers will show up and how many dollars I will make???  It just seems like a small bit of insanity in the corporate world but sane enough to allow you to forecast your future for business sales purposes.  If I could do that and accurately it would be a gift.  But guess what?  I don’t have it. 
Just trying to predict the future Mr. Smith coming in to purchase a new kitchen full of cabinets is not something I am comfortable with. 
Does anyone know what it means when you don’t make sales projections???  I have seen the projections for our sales of our cutting boards for Williams-Sonoma and we have over exceeded them or made them every month until this year in the last three months.  Is that a fluke?  I am so down and downright scared. But I am not sure what I am scared of…… I know if I think about it I will know what I am scared of but, I don’t want to know, you know?  What does that mean and how can I make it better?  What do I need to do?  The sad part is numbers do not lie and I don’t want to sit and look at the numbers and feel sorry for myself, I just want to make it better.  Any ideas blogger friends……? 
learning one day at a time…….
your custom cabinet girl

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