Trying to get in the Williams-Sonoma Catalog!!!! Help!

Trying to get into the Williams-Sonoma Catalog is like trying to get my six year old to open his mouth for the dentist when its drilling time. Let me make it even clearer how hard it is, “MY SON WONT OPEN HIS MOUTH FOR THE DENTIST!!!!”  I am out of ideas………

Its been two years our products have been in the stores and online and every time I contact the catalog department I get the same answer, we always consider your boards and will let you know if we decide to put them in the catalog. 

Haven’t decided yet!! I think it would be a great idea.  I have tried all kinds of different avenues on how we could get in the catalog.  My latest and “greatest” I might add was this; 
I have been privileged to get to know celebrity chef,  Maria Liberati who “loves” our cutting boards. 
Go to her website to learn more here; Maria Liberati
Maria especially uses the chef board below for making homemade pasta.  I

 think that sounds so good and I would love to eat that homemade pasta.  She says the board is a perfect size and built with such a  high quality that she loves to use it for her chopping needs as well. 

So back to my newest shenanigans.  I have emailed the catalog person twice now, to no response about how Maria could  be featured in the catalog because she is a celebrity chef with our cutting boards.  If you get the Williams-Sonoma catalog you would have seen the summer issue which featured many different celebrity chefs and the items they love to use that Williams-Sonoma sells. 
This would be perfect I think, to feature Maria, and our cutting board!  I pretty much handed the idea off on a platter right?  Maybe wrong, I don’t know but since I am getting no response I don’t know what to do next????  Any ideas on how to, “be a pest” would be welcome…… 🙂
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