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I figured out how to add new products to our website Weber’s Cabinets, Inc. and the Chef Board was one of the first I wanted to add!  I think it is so practical for a cutting board.  Its actually almost too practical because I hate to prep for cooking, cooking, thinking about what to cook, etc. etc….and I love the thing!  And I am not just saying that because we make it but I am saying because it is so accessible, easy to use, and beautiful on your counter. 

I am just sitting in bed typing away at the late, yes very late hour of 7pm.  I know I am a loser but I just do not feel good today. I got home at 4:30 and just went straight to bed.  Mr. Know-it-All thinks I should call in sick to myself, but I don’t think that will work very well.  I really feel like I am coming down with something, my body just aches.  I have been sore every day in a new area in my muscles from working on different jobs out in the shop, but this is something different, probably caught it from the boys.  Maybe Mr. Know-it-All could call in sick for me tomorrow! J/K
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