does Weber’s Cabinets refinish cabinets?

As a matter of fact yes we do! A lot of people want to know if they can keep the current cabinets they have and refinish them.  The answer is a tricky yes and I will tell you why.  For example, when you decide you want to redo your kitchen cabinets you start to think about all the money its going to cost and how you can save, and yes the cabinets are the most expensive part of the kitchen. So if you can save them it should save you money right? Well, maybe……
Every person has a unique situation and it might be the perfect thing for you to save your cabinets, but on the other hand it might not.  If you decide to put new countertops in the kitchen and you want to just reface your cabinets with another wood and finish, it will cost just as much to reface as it does to put in new.  On the other hand if you decide you just want to “freshen up” your cabinets and sand down the doors and frames and put on a new coat of the existing finish then that will save you a HUGE amount of money to do it that way.  Its all in a matter of whether you are happy with the wood and finish you have or not. 
Give me a call at (209) 368-0703 at Weber’s Cabinets and we can figure out the best situation for you and your kitchen!  
Right now I am sanding and refinishing the doors for a kitchen in Lodi and making them look brand new.  Take a look at the video and see what you think!
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4 thoughts on “does Weber’s Cabinets refinish cabinets?

  1. We are starting to make decisions about our cabinets. Can you come into the house and sand down and refinish the cabinet frames too? Also, if the doors are made of particle board is this still an option?

  2. Becky; yes we do sand down the cabinet frames and cabinet finished ends to go with the newly finished doors. I would have to look at the particle board door and see if I could refinish it. It might be less expensive or cost the same to purchase new doors for your cabinets and finish them.

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