i so don’t have it together, but i want too so bad!!!!

Did I ever tell you how I LOVE to have a clean house but it seems I rarely do?  It might have something to do with 3 boys who drop everything in their hands wherever they might be at the time.  How do I change that?  I lecture, I scream, I throw blankets, but no one takes me seriously.  They just giggle and say, “Mom you are so funny!”   
Did I ever mention that Mr. Know-it-All sees when I am overcommited and gives me a lecture?  Every stinkin’ time too.  Probably not, because every time its a humbling experience for me and I don’t want anyone to know I screwed up, even him.  I want to do things the right way the first time, and I intend to, but life and I am not so perfect and I get to learn through the consequences of my actions. 
I do need to ask for help more from Mr. Know-it-All, but shouldn’t he know that I need help without me saying so in my whiney voice?  I’m just saying……… and Mr. Know-it-All needs to get himself on facebook so you can all tell him to. 
If you want to get in touch with him he is on Twitter @Greg2208.  You will see his profile picture is of him standing on what he calls “God’s favorite place” the Star on the field of the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  Now I don’t think he is dropping any trash just wherever in “God’s favorite place.”  Maybe we should tell him that our home is “God’s favorite place” too!
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