dinner is not my favorite time of day

I know most mom’s out there LOVE to cook, well I DO NOT!” I actually HATE IT!  I would rather do laundry the old fashion way with a little bucket and a scrubby tray thing, than make dinner.  If any of you reading want to take me up on it, I will gladly trade you laundry duty for some cassaroles. 

It takes imagination, creativity, and someone with time management skills.  I can’t ever come up with what food items go together more or less a meal I created on my own.  Everything I make was either invented by my mom when I was little, or I saw it on TV.  I am what you call a copycat dinner maker.  And nothing I make is really creative besides the fact that I live with three of the most picky eaters on the planet.  So if you are wondering what a picky eater looks like, here it is……..

Are any of you familar with this look?  Probably not, because I know no one else can cook as bad as me.  I made steak this night and Nathan has the smallest piece on his plate along with 2 little green beans and some white rice.  You might notice the half eaten watermelon which is the only thing he actually ate that night.  So sad, I was NEVER EVER allowed to not eat my vegtables or allowed to even “think” that I could not eat my vegatables.  I don’t know how you force someone to eat something, I certainly am very weak at this type of dicipline and I know I have two boys just laughing at me while they sit back and not eat what I gave them for dinner.  Did I say I hate dinner? 
Now I am going to go and paint something out in the finish shop, at least the cabinets can’t say no to me and I don’t have to fix them dinner!
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3 thoughts on “dinner is not my favorite time of day

  1. 1) puree all veges and mix into either jar of spaghetti sauce or mac'n cheese when making the \”cheese\”2)check out blogs like pioneerwoman 3) do you fold it too?? I will trade laundry for dinners anyday!

  2. I just found the magazine \”Clean Eating\” (they have a great website too with free recipes). Their recipes are pretty simple with normal ingredients and don't take too long to cook. I am trying very hard to learn how to cook better :), and these recipes are awesome! I don't have any picky eaters though, and I don't envy you on that one!! 🙂

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