i want to be on Oprah so bad…………….

So I took all the courage I had in my body, took a deep breath and said to myself; “why would Oprah want me on her show?” And then I called the number………  I called Harpo studios and said; “Can I ask a question? Are you taking ideas for a show?”  The girl on the other end of the line was in Chicago but she could have very well been right next to me and stabbed me in the heart because she said; “we are NOT taking submissions for show ideas and NEVER call again.”  I felt like a little girl again when I thought I was about to get in trouble, and I HATE that feeling.  Don’t you?  Its never good to feel like that.  I was redirected to some recording that said I needed to go online and send an email through the Oprah website.  I HAVE DONE THAT ALREADY, MANY TIMES, UGHHH. 
Today at lunch my dad says, “didn’t you tell them who you are?”  As in, “I am April I was on the Nate Berkus Show.”  My dad is so funny cause I really don’t think they care and really they would say something like, “April who?”  Because really who am I?  My intention was to ask if my story could offer hope to others in the same boat as myself struggling in this economy.  I am in “Ground Zero” of the recession according to a Newsweek cover story from 2008 and I am still here!  I don’t know why I want to be on Oprah so bad, but I want to be on Oprah so bad!  I need to reinvestigate my priorities….
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2 thoughts on “i want to be on Oprah so bad…………….

  1. Oh, I know the feeling. 25 years of the Oprah Winfrey show, and I always thought I might get one of those coveted spots. Since it appears that all of the remaining shows are scheduled (and I haven't gotten a call yet), I guess I can assume I'll be letting down the little girl inside of me who once had such a dream.The good news is, with the OWN Network, I can now place part of my aspirations in a new direction. Plus, thanks to THE INTERNET and the power of Social Media, I might be able to build my own brand enough to where I can get my own show, and perhaps have Oprah as a guest on it! I promise, I won't make her wait 25 years for a guest spot. LOL.Perk up April! It'll all be okay! 🙂

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