i love sarcasm and Heather Armstrong is my new inspiration

I received an email on Friday about a blogger named Heather B. Armstrong who was featured in the New York Times for her being “Queen of the Mommy Bloggers.”  I cannot express or tell you enough how easy it is to read her blog posts and how funny she really is!  That is why she is the “Queen.”  I have been looking at her blog now for over two hours reading all about her and then some. 
I saw that she has a “style of the day” section so I figured I might tell her my story and see if she would put my cutting board on there, what the heck right?  I have felt dissappointment before, I can feel it again, or maybe not?  Please Heather read my Email!
Go read the article about Heather Armstong from last month here; @ NY Times
And then go to her blog and read it here; http://www.dooce.com/ 

I dare you to try not and spend 2 hours there at a time if you haven’t read it before.

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One thought on “i love sarcasm and Heather Armstrong is my new inspiration

  1. I love Dooce! She is HILARIOUS. She often highlights items that people have sent to her. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your product on her site one day! -Alysia

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