my little free labor boy is now getting paid……

So Jakob is on Spring break from school and of course since we are shipping out our “over the counter boards” this week I need his help.  We have to protect each corner of the cutting boards with cardboard corners.  Each corner has to be assembled and my smart little tyke figured out how to do it smoothly of course, after throwing a few across my office.  He is just like Mr. Know-it-All gets frustrated at inanimate objects when they don’t go together perfectly the first time.  Soooo….. much to teach Jakob. 
Well, he assembled all of the corner pieces as you can see behind him and I told him this morning I would pay him $2.  Jakob says, “no mom, $5. And I said, “no $2” and he says, “no $4.”  Of course I didn’t budge and he says, “$3” and I said, “SOLD, now go do your work.”  I told my dad what a little negotiator he was and Jakob says; “I learned it on Pawn Stars.”  I guess he has stuff to teach me.
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