God Always Provides……..

I have been taking this “faith test” it seems every quarter for the last 4 years.  I don’t think I have passed it yet, hence the test keeps coming up.  I am not in control, God is and He always provides for all of my needs.  I keep giving him my needs and then taking them back.  All of us think we can do everything ourselves, on our own, but it is just not true.  I was thinking about all of this last weekend and how I could give my concerns and cares away, and not be so controlling.  I am a control freak and I will admit it.  Its not an admirable trait so why can’t I just give it up?  Why?  I hope sometime before I die (hopefully many years from now), I will have learned to give it all to God.  Until then I will keep taking the test over and over and over and over again. 
I was at the E-Women Network Fearless Female Event last night and it was so encouraging and uplifting to me.  I told my story to Sandra Yancey the founder of E-Women last night as I sat with her at dinner.  Surprising to me she asked if I would tell my story to the whole group.  And what did I do I started to cry because I was overwhelmed with the love and acceptance from all these women in the room.  I was overcome with gratitude for someone caring about me and my story and wanting me to share it with others.  And I was so thankful that I could thank God for always being in control and taking care of me.

 I have been a member now at E-Women for 2 years and I still come away from the events with fresh ideas and learn new things.  I didn’t know I needed a “mastermind” group but I do now and I will be getting one.  I also didn’t know about “corporate funding” which I will be looking into today.  So many things to do I had better get to work!

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  1. Cool story! I am sorry I haven't called you back..things have been crazy here. I will call this week-promise. I HAVE to tell you something though. I was in Marin yesterday having lunch with a friend and we walked around the mall afterwards. There was a large Williams-Sonoma there, and now everytime I pass a Williams-Sonoma store I am compelled to go in just to look at your chopping blocks on display. It makes me smile. 🙂 SO of course I went in and I couldn't find the section right away. I asked this young woman where the wine bottle chopping blocks were and she IMMEDIATELY said, \”OOOH! Right over here!\” She took me sttraight to them and said, \”I love these! I am going to get one for my dad for his birthday coming up. I was so excited when I saw this item because it is perfect for him. He has a wine room in his house and this would be beautiful in there!\” 🙂 I told her they were made by a small family business in the U.S. and she asked where. I told her Lodi. She said, \”I didn't know any of that! That is so great! Too bad there is no info on the board.\” It got me thinking later… a lot of Williams-Sonoma items have little cards in plastic holders telling about them right at the display but not on the actual item. I know there are a lot of boards in their cutting board section, so it might not be something they are willing to do just for yours, but have you asked them if they could display that brief info on a display card? I know it is a good selling point to have something made by small businesses in the U.S. Just a thought! 😉 You have another fan out there in the Marin store! 🙂 Hope you are having a pleasant weekend. 🙂 Monica

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