new ideas are slow coming for me

So why are new ideas slow coming for me?  I know why because my little tiny brain thinks in this long narrow hallway of ideas and I don’t try any doorways.  Until last weekend, when I realized I should google “how to submit your product to QVC?”  And when I did I got a link on “how to submit my product to QVC.”  Voila! You would think I would have figured this out a LONG TIME AGO.  I am so amazed at how slow I am to figuring out things.  Like the time I took the drivers test and they asked me what a blind intersection was.  I said; “isn’t that for blind people?” 
Well I submitted our heart shaped board for a start and it just shows you how each company is run so differently by the way each accepts product submissions.  “QVC” will let me know if they are interested in my product or not within six weeks.  So I put on my calendar six weeks from now, to check in if I haven’t heard anything.  But with these ideas “slow coming” I actually grasped the whole world of selling online through TV and decided to submit my product to “HSN” too!  Let’s hope I have a response of, “We want as many hearts as you can make!”  Whoo hoo!  That would be so exciting……..and possibly exhausting, but that’s ok because I have child labor and husband labor all for free!  🙂
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