fun stuff happens in a cabinet shop!

Since we have been building all these butcher blocks my dad has really been solving issues making our production process easier.  When the order came for the 2000 units a good friend of my dad’s, Frank decided he could help.  He is a machinest and took one of our molding machines and turned it into a gang rip.

Now don’t think I know what I am talking about cause I don’t, I just listen to what they tell me.  But here is the scoop on how this will make our production faster.  Currently we were cutting each piece of lumber in specific sized strips ONE AT A TIME, now when we place the piece of lumber into this machine it will cut the lumber into SIX PIECES of equal sizes.  With ONE rip on the lumber we are making SIX pieces instead of ONE.  We will have our pieces to glue in a faster amount of time, giving us a quicker turnaround which will really help.
Isn’t this a cool picture of the lumber coming out of the machine!  I know, I am a little strange but what can I say?  Fun stuff happens in a cabinet shop!
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