Me and Nate Berkus

If you ever, I mean EVER get to be on a TV show you MUST keep a camera with you at ALL TIMES.  My dad and I learned this from experience when we were on The Nate Show.  We didn’t take the camera with us when we went out on stage for the segment.  And because of the time when the segment was over we had to leave immediately.  Our flight was leaving around 6:30 which wouldn’t have been a problem except our segment didn’t tape till around 4:30 and the producers were afraid we would miss our flight.

I did have time to take this picture with Nate after he interviewed me.  And I LOVE that he is holding the Wine Bottle.  So cool.  I really didn’t get to meet him or talk to him until I got on stage and sat in the chair and when he walked out I know my jaw dropped to the floor.  I am getting all nervous again just writing about it!  And we had maybe 1 minute before everyone was ready to go and he sat down next to me and all I could say was “hi.”  I am SO MAD AT MYSELF!!  All I said was Hi?? so lame…….
All I have to say is Nate is a truly genuine man and he really cares about others and wants to help by using his talent which is decorating.  It took me 3 months but I finally got the pictures from the show.  I am so thankful for an incredible adventure that was the 24 hours I was in New York.
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