last shipment out!!!

We shipped out our last 325 wine bottles on Friday night.  I have been really relaxing since Friday walking around SLOWLY and taking deep breaths…….ahhhhh normalicy.  Is there such a thing in December, I hope so!  This is Luis, Pete, Frank, and Jeff in front of the last pallet to leave the buidling for the Williams-Sonoma warehouse.  They all worked so hard these last two months getting these units out.  They had to make sure they were “camera ready” by spraying off all the sawdust off their clothes for “picture time.” 
We were a gluing, sanding, packing machine!  I still can’t believe I actually got them all packed at out on Friday night.  We had most of the 325 to pack still and we were sanding till 6:00pm.  I had the pickup scheduled from 4-6pm and of course the guy shows up at 4pm.  He had to ask his boss if he could wait because we were his last pickup.  Miraculously he was able to do another pickup in Stockton and come back to Lodi to pick up our units.  He didn’t come back till a little after 6:30pm and I was just putting the last amount of shrink wrap around the last pallet.  I don’t think I have really “yelled” at an employee before but I was getting pretty antsy at the end, “20 minutes left guys” I screamed.  “Get it done!!!!!”  As I am frantically wrapping the bottles in paper and packing them onto the pallets.  It was definately a workout. 
It seems like each of our orders went out like this every time if it was 500 units or 300 units we were still working till the last second.  If you ask Mr. Know-it-All he would say I need some serious work on my timing.  Mark my foreman said “we probably won’t make the shipment out by Wednesday, maybe Thursday, but definately Friday.”  I wanted to strangle him Friday, (j/k) when we were still sanding and cutting out the bottles at 4:00pm!!!!  It was a MIRACLE we got these out.  My goal is to get better timing with the whole production thing. Maybe Mr. Know-it-All can help with that.  Thanks to all my helpers you are the best!
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