getting street cred

Ahhh…… the inevitable street credit.  Yes!  I finally have it and have been practicing now consistently for a week.  I have used the clamps, titebond III glue, scraper, spray gun, air gun, hand sander, and the “Big Ass Sander.”  You see that puppy right behind me, yes that is it and it is a monster.  Its also a little temperamental at times too.  But I can handle that big Cadillac.  

Today’s duties were to scrape all the glued up lumber boards and get them ready to put through the belt sander.  Then I made up two more new sets of glued up boards like the ones you see below.  Those will be ready to scrape tomorrow. 
We can make two wine bottles with each board.  I have to get 120 wine bottles done and shipped to Williams-Sonoma by July 1st! I am so excited, and getting um done!

One thought on “getting street cred

  1. Congratulations. Nice story. You present yourself as genuine. I think the word you want is \”street credibility.\” Good luck with your endeavor. Your family must be proud.

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