big changes

Big changes are going on here at Weber’s Cabinets.  Here are my biggest supporters, three of my favorite guys.  They are so understanding and loving to me and I just appreciate their kisses and hugs, even when they don’t want to kiss and hug all the time like me.  
Last Friday we had to make the decision to lay the rest of our crew off, and my dad and I are in the shop together building and finishing cabinets.  Well, he is building, and I am sanding and trying to finish.  Our projects ahead will keep us both super busy, but we just weren’t busy enough to keep everyone else.  This is sad to me because my employees are like family.  They are there with you almost every day, seeing your good attitudes, and sometimes grumpy times.  Not that I have those!  And employees become friends, sometimes life long friends.  I hope that they know how grateful I am to have had them share their lives with me. 
Anyway, I am seeing this as an opportunity to get myself out into the shop.  The circumstances aren’t how I wanted to be working in the shop, but “God’s ways are not our ways.”  I wanted to work in the shop so bad, and now I have the chance.  I am going to take it and run!  I am just scared I don’t have the talent it takes to “build” cabinets, but we’ll just have to see!  
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