i’m building butcher blocks!

My wonderful son Jakob took some pictures of me this morning gluing up the blocks.  I have to wear an apron because the glue is so sticky that any remnant of it left on your clothing will not come off.  It also keeps sawdust and dirt from getting on my clothing too. 
I am so thankful for this weather, its been 80 degrees the last two days and its wonderful out in the shop with the breeze. Not normal Lodi weather in June. 
This is the second phase of constructing the wine bottle blocks.  I have to glue 25 strips of glued up lumber from the first phase in order to yield two wine bottles.  Last night I glued up 5 total  boards which will make 10 bottles.  And this morning I glued up 6 more which makes 12 more.  I am feeling the push however, because these need to be done and sent out before July 1st! 
But don’t tell me I cannot do something because I am ready to prove you wrong!
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