life is backwards theory

If you really think about it life is backwards and I will tell you why.  You always work hard in a low position at a company and the higher you get the least amount of “work” or “busy work” you have to do.  You get paid less in the low position and you work harder to get to the higher position.  At the higher position you get paid more and have less work, more responsibility but less “busy work.” 

When you are famous and “rolling in the dough” you can pretty much buy anything you want but everything is given to you for free.  Contradictory but true.  And that is what I have been contemplating lately.  But my theory wouldn’t agree with my dad because he is the highest position at Weber’s Cabinets and probably does the most work, and gets paid the least.  So you can just throw my theory in the garbage. 

Anyway, from all of my readers suggestions, I have been told to send Oprah Winfrey a wine bottle.  And if you think about my theory you know she can afford one (she could buy as many as she wants), but she is getting one for free.  So funny how life works!  Well I shipped one UPS ground to her yesterday and she won’t get it till Friday, and I should get a confirmation email when it arrives.  Inside the package I put this long letter you see in the picture, inside with it.  I wanted to tell her my story and hope that she likes the wine bottle as much as the President at “Williams-Sonoma” does.  I also put a sticky note on the top that said, “Please give to Oprah, Thanks.”  Lets hope she gets it!

If she gets it maybe she will like it?  Well, only time will tell. 

until next time,
your custom cabinet girl

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  1. April we need to talk. I know two people who have been on Oprah. One is in Starfish. You don't want to blindly send – it's a waste you want to send to the right contact. I can help you find that person. Call me. -Rachael

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