this is’nt supposed to be hard is it?

I consider myself as pretty well educated but today I feel stupid.  Not just on one thing either on a multitude of things.  I got the vendor paperwork and my own personal vendor number from “Williams-Sonoma” which is so exciting, but the paperwork that goes with it is lengthy and hard to understand.  I will figure it out though.  I have only spent 15 minutes on it and have had to take a break to write this, only because it seems like lately I have ADD.  I get bored easily, and when I cannot understand what I am reading it really makes me unable to comprehend. 

On that thought, I really am going to dig my heels in today and get this right.  I am just so excited to start getting the orders, and how many we will get ,and I want my shipments to be perfect.  I have to send the product out a certain way with certain paperwork and I do NOT want to make a mistake!  I hate making mistakes, especially on something you have to follow directions for.  I guess that’s the perfectionism of my brain telling me “you better understand this or else!” 

I am thankful that these orders will be coming in soon, and am just thankful for my family and friends.  I am grateful for this opportunity and the strength from Jesus to get it done.  I will triumph!
I am thankful that “Williams-Sonoma” has seen something in our product that I have seen for a very long time.

until next time,
your custom cabinet girl

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