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So today has been interesting…………  Because of a friend; Rachael Bender who happens to be a popular blogger, was asked to be on a network called; “The Open Sky Project” I get to sell my heart shaped blocks! The Open Sky Project is a place where famous bloggers and personalities recommend products they love, and she loves my chopping blocks!

My wine bottle is now an exclusive with “Williams-Sonoma” so I will be selling the heart shaped block on the “Open Sky” website.  I signed and filled out all the paperwork last Friday, and it is ready to go for sale today!  I also said I would have 50 hearts in stock which I have to build by Friday.  AHHHHH!!!

I found out the news just before I came in to the shop this morning and when I got to work I was dying to tell my dad.  I asked where Uncle Barry was, and my dad says, “oh I sent him home because we haven’t gotten the order from “Williams-Sonoma” yet and he doesn’t have anything else to do.  (My Uncle Barry and Mark H. another employee are currently building the blocks in the shop).  I had to call Barry up and ask him to please come back to work and start building those hearts! 

What can I say, I have been saying this for the last two years, if your “problem” is needing to hire help, and your “problem” is running out of room that is a good thing!  Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness to me!  And thank you to all my followers for reading my blog and promising to buy the blocks when they get in the store. 

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