"custom cabinet girl" the reality show

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I secretly want a reality show.  I never would have ever thought that I wanted one until this producer approached me last summer about HGTV looking for a family dynamic custom cabinet shop. 

And now, I can’t get the idea out of my head!  I look forward to coming to work every morning, and I think this would even be better.  I would love to show the fun and wacky things that happen around here, especially for me as a girl.  No my dad and I don’t fight and throw chairs out the window like those other shows, but we do have fun personalities.  I really just want to show the world how Jesus is number 1 in my life and how he has gotten us through and still gets us through everything we face on a daily basis.  Secondly I want others to see what my dad can build and how talented he is.  And I want to show those who don’t know what its like to be a woman, (who keeps getting told I look like I’m 17), working with 100% men.  I must like testosterone because its everywhere in my life.  I not only get it at work, but I come home to it as well! 

I think I told my brother this before, if not he is hearing it for the first time that he doesn’t know how good he has it, because he is a man.  Dad will let him out in the shop and build cabinets or go out and install a job.  I on the other hand must really put the pressure on to get to go out in the shop.  That fact makes it challenging and frustrating at the same time.  I don’t like people being sterotypical but I find myself doing it too!  Just the other day a girl walked in with the lumber delivery driver and I assumed she was not with him.  But she was, and learning his truck route too!  She didn’t “look” the part of a truck driver and I automatically placed her as not being with him.  So I have a few things to learn myself.  
All of these things and more make my work very interesting and fun.  Life throws out so many surprises and I really just want to do the best at my job, and see happy clients with cabinets they love!  So comment and tell me what you think about this idea!  Is it a good idea?  A bad idea?  I want to hear your input!

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