my kitchen project

To prove to myself and others (you know who you are), I am refacing my kitchen.  I also want the experience and since I am not going to get it out in the shop anytime soon, I have to start at home.  I am so excited though!  I took the doors off my peninsula last night and was so proud of myself.  I had to figure out how to pry them off and when I did it took about 15 minutes total to get all four doors off.  
I am so ecstatic about this project and will be blogging about it as it goes.  I will be changing all the doors out to a new style and stripping all the frames of the cabinets and re-painting them.  I will be using a new spray gun we purchased that is airless and works well when finishing indoors.  I know right now this is going to be a huge project and I have really been planning it in my mind for about 3 years.  So here goes!
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