why did i get into the cabinet business?

I am taking some advice from an avid reader who wants to know how I got into the cabinet business.  So here is the long version, just kidding. 

Firstly it was a job to help out while I was finishing college.  I started in June of 2001 and I was just processing orders and working part time while going to school.  By December 2002 I finished my bachelors in Liberal Studies and was enrolled in the credential program to be a teacher. 

Well first off my mom had kept hinting around for about 6 months prior that she was going to quit doing the books.  My dad kept hinting that he would pay me what a teacher makes if I would stay and take over her spot after I graduated.  So I was offered a job as the CFO of the company.  Well with no experience and taking math called; “how to teach elementary school students Math 1A and 1B, I was LOST.  I felt overwhelmed and my accountant helped me through all of it, teaching me from the beginning.  If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made it. 

Anyway, I was still going to school at night to become a teacher and the task was daunting to say the least.  I started to get disenchanted with the idea of being a teacher and I really started to learn all I could about the cabinet business.  I found cabinets very interesting to say the least, and there was and is so much to learn!  I am learning a trait about myself that I love a challenge, and this is definately a challenge for me. 

I want to stress this point though, that I invested in Weber’s Cabinets because of one person, and that is my dad.  I believe in him, and he is very talented at cabinetmaking.  I can’t say how many times I hear, “beautiful work your dad has done”, and “it’s wonderful custom work.”  Even when we are going through such hardship with construction being slowed to an almost complete stop, I got the advice of “you are very brave for investing in this business.”  I don’t consider myself brave just knowledgeable.  I know what my dad can do with cabinets and what he has done, and it is none other than the best. 

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  1. I think you made a great choice April! Your dad is an amazing Christian man…what a joy to be able to work side by side with him. By the way, the cutting board is beautiful! THANKS!

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