me on the job!

Well I got dad to take pictures of me carrying the drawers into the shop (with my toolbelt on), so all of you wonderful people could take a look at what I am doing! 
The job I was on today was a neat experience because we are actually remodeling a kitchen my dad built in 1979 the year I was born. 
This really nice couple had my dad build their cabinets and now 30 years later are wanting to redo them.  So I took all the drawers out today and brought them back to the shop so we can take off the old drawer fronts and reattach new ones. 
The cabinets were actually made with oak and we are remaking all the doors and drawers in cherry.  We will be refacing the fronts with cherry as well.  I will get pictures of the job when its finished in a couple of weeks.  Tomorrow is an office day, but don’t worry we’ll talk.

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