new day, new challenge

So I am walking around the office in my tool belt getting ready for the job ahead tomorrow, and I’m feeling ecstatic!  It’s going to be a great day.  I am getting used to the feel of the tool belt around my waist and I like it.  Its not like a purse but better because I actually have my hands and arms free.  I could pickup something, turn around in circles with my arms spread out, who knew?  And the smell of the tool belt is something to experience.  When I had it in the car for a day my whole car smelled like leather.  Its a different kind of leather though, not Prada leather, but probably close to it!  I am dying to get the website address from my sister-in-law, (hint..hint) I can buy myself more crap for the tool belt. I heard everything on the website is pink.  A pink hand drill is what I really need, oh and maybe a hammer.  But it will all come.
For now, I will be up and ready in the morning to go out on the job and take off all the doors and take out all the drawers and bring them back to the shop.  The homeowner insisted I wear my tool belt.  Maybe I will get her to take a picture of me working.  From there, I will have to ask my dad what I can do out “in the shop” for the rest of the day.  It will be fun.  Stay tuned in friends!
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