day in the office

So here I am in my office today blah, blah, blah……….  When I first started doing the accounts for Weber’s Cabinets it was new and exciting, but that was in 2003 and now its not new and exciting anymore.  It’s almost like when you fall in love for the first time and everything is so wonderful and exciting, only to find out that he farts all the time and thinks burping is a sport.

I am a learner at heart and I always want to learn something new, and I have gotten to the point with my work now where I have learned all that I want to know about accounting.  And I am not so good at it so I need to move on.  Hence my idea to work in the shop!  Well folks its been an exciting week for me and next week I will have to bring in the big guns and see what I can do in the shop!

Later Gator!
your custom cabinet girl

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