Quoting a Kitchen Remodel

Quoting a job especially a kitchen is a lot of work.  Right now I am still in training learning how to measure cabinet spaces and the thing I am most afraid of is measuring wrong.  Now that I think about it, my absolute worst fear is that I measure the space, build the cabinetry, and it doesn’t fit.  That would cause me to feel like a complete failure and I do not like to fail.  Although my standard is if I do fail then I will make it right by trying again, and figuring out what I did wrong. 

For example, this picture of a job I quoted last week took me a day and a half to complete.  I got the quote to the client in one day, and followed up the day after with no response.  My dillema is how soon and how much more time do I invest?  Do I call again?  Does the client not want to talk to me?  I am not sure and I’m not very good at discerning these types of things.  I usually wait and hope for the best.  Which means I’ll forget about the job, move on and probably never get it.  I think this is causing me to lose jobs instead of gain, and I am not quite sure how much is too much.  I do not, I mean DO NOT want to be that pushy girl who calls and calls, and drive the client crazy, but on the other hand I don’t want to be too flippant and the client thinks I am not interested in the work.  There is a fine line of how far you need to go for work and how much time you need to invest before you decide whether or not to back off.    

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