How To Be Tough When You’re Not

I am so not tough, although I would like to think I am.  I do not take criticism very well especially when someone is swearing and yelling at me.  Today didn’t turn out to be one of the best days because I got a bad phone call from a customer that I cannot please, and my time is up.  There are no more chances, and that makes me want to cry.  I have been given enough time to complete my task and that is it.  I think it makes me want to cry because I have been given a second chance by Jesus.  I am forgiven and because of that I need to forgive others too.  So when I am not forgiven by people I resort to crying, and being in a “male dominated” occupation with a “male” swearing at me I find myself secluded and attacked.  I don’t like being attacked and I don’t like being told my work is crappy when I know it is not.  I will only be sad today, just today I will go home tonight play with my cute boys and drink a warm cup of coffee, (maybe with some whipped cream).  Better yet I’ll make myself a mocha!  Tomorrow is another day, and its definately going to be better.   

April (custom cabinet girl)

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