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Yesterday was so much fun, with turkey and stuffing and all that good food.  Here are my two boys and my nephew in the middle, Jackson.  All up to something yesterday.  It was a nice, quiet relaxing day, with no phones ringing, no disgruntled employees, no bills to worry about, no cabinets to build.  All in all it was a great day.    

I looked forward to taking my boys out this morning for a trip to a friends new house which they are remodeling.  What a great house, with so much potential!  They want us to build them two different vanities for each bathroom and I brought Nathan and Jakob out there to play with their kids while me and my dad measured the spaces for the vanities.  Well, my dad measured while I kept my eye on the boys (you never know), and I asked questions when I could.  Another outing learning with my dad is nice to spend time with him and also to let me be more prepared to go on my own.

I am going to be measuring more now, and I am definitely up for the challenge.  There is a lot to think about and I have been in the cabinet trade now full time for 6 years and I still don’t know a lot.  But, each year I learn about 20 new things which I love.  You will see me talk a lot about wanting to go out into the shop and assemble cabinets and that is something I am really begging to do right now.  I am always in the office and I have to a least know how the cabinets are built, which I do but I need to physically go out into the shop for myself and do it in order to create more credibility.  As you read a few days ago the “male shovinists” are alive and well and coming into my office!  This is just another way for me to prove myself although I shouldn’t have to, but because I live in the “Real World” I am going to.

Have a productive day!

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