Ice Cream Visits and Challenging Husbands

I think I will first talk about the wonderful visit by my 3 year old just a few minutes ago.  Nathan walks in the office with his ice cream cone he got from Grandma and laughs when I say, “Is that mine?”  He is so cute, and sweet.  When he leaves and I buckle him into his car seat he says, “Mommy I need a kiss and a hug.”  I just smile and realize there are only a few more precious moments like these, and there will be many new and different experiences to come.  I just want to freeze this time in my life just a little longer, it slips away so fast.  I just love the little hands, and the little toes, and the “Mommy help me!”  Even when I am tired or lazy I know in the back of my mind that this “needing” of me will soon end.  On to bigger and better things, they all say.  I hope that all of these memories will stay in my heart forever.

As for working today, I think I am ready for a vacation.  I am excited about the jobs we are finishing and the jobs I am quoting, but I know Thanksgiving is in just 3 days and it makes me so excited and anxious because I have a lot of shopping and planning to do.  My Jakob’s birthday is on Thanksgiving this year and that is another thing I need to get ready as well.  I still have to set up his Chuck E Cheese birthday party for the following weekend and I get Greg, “Mr. know it all” asking me, “did you set that up yet?”  Like I don’t go to work too.  I love to be the person in charge of groceries, laundry, parties, date nights, setting up babysitters, buying birthday gifts, picking up children from daycare, taking children to daycare, helping with homework, making dinner every night, giving baths, putting kids to bed, cleaning the house, going through the mail, paying bills, and oh that full time job thing too!  Sure Greg, I have time to set up the party too!  According to him he has the hardest job in the world and I assume right this very second he is laughing it up with all of his UPS buddies eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  It must be hard being him!

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  1. Man that Pizza I had was great and the ice cream I had on my 40 minute brake at 7:30 PM was great as well. I quess I should have been at home instead of having fun with my co-workers. Ha Ha. Signed \”the hard working Husband\” Greg!

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