Would you buy a Custom Made Butcher Block?

Would you buy a custom butcher block shaped like a wine bottle?

Please send in your answers.

On the very top is a chopping block made with cherry and maple lumber that we at Weber’s Cabinets are currently making. I went out into the shop to take pictures of it in progress. As you can see it is clamped up because the glue is still drying. I thought it might be a good idea to make an end grain chopping block into the shape of a wine bottle. Lodi California happens to be the heart of wine country and we have a lot of wineries in our small town. We also have a lot of tourists, and I thought we might sell these chopping blocks to the local wineries for them to sell as gifts.

The second picture down is a prototype of a chopping block made with end grain and solid lumber that is your everyday square style. These are beautiful blocks for use of cutting vegetables, cheese, fruits, and many other items. They are also good for display. Check out our website at http://www.weberscabinets.com/ for these items and more on sale soon.

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