Cowboy Memories

After my husband Greg came home from his trip to Dallas, Texas he of course brought back lots of Cowboy stuff. I really want to say “crap” because he actually brings back the plastic cups that you get at the stadium when you order a drink. He even goes down the aisle after the game and picks up cups that others left, “yuck.” So when he got home the boys wanted to see all of the things he brought home for them.

These are “special band aids” that they put under their eyes like the cowboy players would do with that black paint stuff. Jakob is almost 6 now and he has a little personality going, maybe he’s playing the part. I don’t know how he would even know how to do that. Nathan on the other hand is still my cute little guy with the great smile. They are both wearing their new cowboy hats too.

For certain, this family will never be with out Dallas Cowboy paraphernalia EVER!

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