Missing Grandma Weber

Grandma Weber passed away just 3 weeks ago on October 22, 2009.  She was 90 years old, and she was the most loving and patient woman I have ever met.  She decided to take the risk of having heart surgury to possibly extend her life, but pneumonia took over her body and she lost her life.  I am so hopeful of where she is now, with Jesus in heaven.  She is in a better place than I, and I am hopeful that I will someday see her again.  I will get to hold those soft hands that she had, give her a hug, and maybe paint a picture with her.  She really loved my boys as you can see, and this picture was taken last year in my house when she came over for dinner.  She let them sit on her walker and they giggled and laughed because the walker was a fun thing for them to move around. 

Thinking for years that it wouldn’t be so bad when my grandma died because she got to live a long life.  It really doesn’t matter how old the person is when they die, I have found it all hurts just the same.   


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