D Day came and went…….and I’m ready for a YES!

Don’t get too excited yet.  I know the month of January is over but the decision has not happened yet,  My rep has set up an appointment to see the buyer at QVC hopefully soon.  I’m kind of afraid to ask when it is because if it already happened and its a no, then I will find out today……a Monday. No.Fun. Then if I find out its this Thursday I will try to act like I am not nervous which never works for me.  Mr. Know-it-All can see a nervous April walking up a mile away.  
I am so hoping for a “yes” because I have received a lot of “no’s.”  Like, 5…………. That’s good though because my skin is now as thick as an elephant.  I love elephants…… I think I love them so much because they remind me of my grandma who loved elephants so much. 
Maybe I could think about elephants and not the impending doom of a ‘NO”.
Someone has to think its a good idea!  Handmade Hearts, Mother’s Day…..hearts…..love…..its magic!  I need just one person to believe in me, just one.  Just one person at QVC who has my back.  It’s possible.  There are 17,000 employees at QVC……..17,000!!
That’s crazy, I only need one, even if its the guy in the loading dock and he likes my hearts, he probably knows the president and somehow they can get in touch and well….I think miracles can happen.  My rep believes in me and she is smart, so all I need is another smart person who works at QVC to agree with her.  
What do you think?
I’m ready for a “YES!” 
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