D Day! Is at the end of the month!

While managing the subdivision we are doing the cabinets for in Hollister, I need to generate more work for us to do.  Its balance of silence and crazy.

The results of the models are getting me excited for the grand opening tomorrow. 

So onto D DAY! What is it? The end of January I should find out, (for the 50th time, hopefully this is the answer I want), if i got my heart boards in or not.
 I have been doing more cabinetry than cutting boards recently and I still keep trying to fit the boards in when I can.  My vision is for the shop to be building boards consistently, ordering cabinets for production jobs, and building custom cabinets!  All at the same time!
It can happen.
I know, I dream big.
Go Big or Go Home. 
your custom cabinet girl

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